Instruction dated May 2005

  1. First install java SDK as shown above. Let say your java is in /usr/lib/j2sdk1.4-sun. It depends on your version, and where you install it. I will call it $JAVA
  2. Get the latext binary for linux from
    untar it, you will see and
    cp those to $JAVA/jre/lib/i386/
    you will also see RXTXcomm.jar
    cp that to $JAVA/jre/lib/ext
  3. Get Java Comm from sun (
    Download Version 2.0 for Microsoft Windows and Solaris/x86
    Get the Solaris x86 version
    you will see comm.jar
    cp that to $JAVA/jre/lib/ext
  4. echo “” > $JAVA/jre/lib/
  5. Test out your installation
    Go to the untar javacomm directory
    inside it, there should be a samples/Simple
    javac *.java
    See if there is error. If there is no error, installation is finished!